Dance Photography of MPACT Dance Company at Lakewood Cultural Center

Dance Photography of MPACT Dance CompanyLakewood Cultural Center – Lakewood, CO

I created some great live dance and event photography of MPACT Dance Company. In early May 2015 I had the great pleasure to shoot MPACT Dance Company’s first show, “Crazy In Love.” This was one of the funnest and challenging shoots I have ever ¬†done. The combination of low light, shooting restrictions and constant motion of the dancers, created a great shooting environment and test of my skills. I used three cameras for this shoot, two were with me as I moved around and the other was stationary in the sound/light booth at the back of the venue.

I started by shooting some behind the scenes stuff as the dancers got ready for the show. These are some of my favorite images. I then captured a large group photo and then it was showtime! There is a great mix of large group, duo/trio and solo images. Check ’em out!!