Cityscape Photography of New York City

Cityscape Photography of New York City – New York City, NY – October 2014

I shot some great cityscape photography of New York City. There are few places on earth as inspiring as New York City. From the East Village to Spanish Harlem, from Bushwick to the Bronx, from Greenpoint to the Upper East Side, and every neighborhood in between NYC has inspired, crushed the hopes and propelled the dreams of so many. For some, New York is craziness; for others, it’s the ultimate tourist attraction; while others, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

We try to take a trip to New York City every year in October. While most people find the beach or some sunny location to be relaxing, we need the 6 Train from the South Bronx, the L Train to Brooklyn, the Spring Street stop, subway performers and the grit to bring us back to life. We never go to New York with a plan. We make things up as we go. Sure, we have our “spots”–like John’s in the Village, Williamsburg pier, dumplings in Chinatown and MacDougal Street. But, in terms of a plan, the farthest we get is taking a train and walking to somewhere, anywhere.

Images tell stories. They are a moments captured in time that will never be repeated, and are so easily covered-up by the next. They are swiftly forgotten useless we take a moment to relive them. The images below tell parts of our stories and I’m happy to have the chance to relive them.