Band Promotional Photography of The Wailers – Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

Band Promotional Photography of The Wailers – Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO – December 2012

Tage and I created some great band promotional photography of the legendary Wailers at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO. In December 2012 I received a call from the Wailers management, requesting a quick band promotional photography shoot during their stop at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO. Having worked with the band pretty regularly over the last couple of years, I was excited about the opportunity to create promo images for one of music’s legendary bands.

Tage and I arrived prior to the band’s soundcheck and met up with Rich, the Wailers tour manager. After exchanging the usual introductions, Rich told us we would have 10-15 minutes with the band, which is not a lot of time–but, pretty standard in the music business. This meant we had to create a simple concept with the surrounding environment, and be quick!

We took a quick walk around the venue to scout locations. For those who have been to the Fox Theatre, you know there isn’t a ton of backgrounds or textures to work with. We basically had to choose between the venue’s front bar/lobby and the main room. Neither option was ideal, as the bar/lobby was covered in reindeer and santa holiday decor–not ideal for a badass band promo image. The venue’s main room is covered in black curtains and lacks the “timeless” appeal of some of Colorado’s other venues, like the Ogden, Bluebird or Boulder Theatres.

So, we decided to avoid the holiday decor and pulled out the strobes to light the main room. For the shoot we used a simple three-light set-up, which included remote firing a large strobe with a softbox, and two Nikon speedlights. We were also lucky to be working with the great staff at the Fox, who we convinced to light the stage with reggae colors, and pump it full of smoke to give us some nice background colors and the “live” show feel.

The Wailers walked onto the set, the Fox turned up the stage lights, cued the smoke, we set the band and composed the shots. We created about 30 images in 10 minutes, and we that was it, we were done–quick and simple.

After months of negotiations, I worked out a licensing agreement with the Wailers–who are now using an image from this shoot as their official band photo. The image will be seen around the world, at venues, in print, online and for promo. A huge “thanks” goes out to the Wailers and their management, including Jen, Rich and John of More Music Group.