Band Promotional Photography of SIR

Band Press Photography of SIR

I created some great band promotional photography of SIR in Denver, CO. Shooting promo photos is one of my favorites things to do. I love the idea of creating a visual representation for a band. So, when I was approached by SIR to shoot the band’s first promotional photos I jumped on the opportunity.

We shot at Larimer Lounge in Denver. We wanted the combination of edgy-rock-dive bar and brights, soft colors. With this in mind, we covered the entire stage with silk flowers and bumped it full of fog. I used a combination of practical lights (stage lights and floor LEDs) and several off-camera strobes–for a grand total of 10+ lights! The concept was colorful, edgy-yet-soft, and a little weird. In fact, weird was the goal and I think a couple of our set-ups captures that idea! I think you’ll agree…