About Kit Chalberg Photography

Denver Photographer Kit Chalberg

kit chalberg-denver co wedding photographer 28533By way of introductions, my name is Kit Chalberg. I am a Denver based photographer–families, kids, engagements, parties, weddings and seniors–I do it all. My passion is to capture people–their stories, their lives, their most important moments. I believe that each of us has a unique and diverse story; a story that needs to be told; a story that is defined by the individual moments in our lives. It is in these moments, these stories, that define our relationships, our hopes and our dreams. I believe the best way to capture these moments is through photography, specifically photojournalism. Unlike any art form, photography can transport us back to moments once thought to be lost in the complexities of life. Photos make us stop, slow down and reflect–if only for a moment.

Lets try something….close your eyes and imagine your favorite photo. Maybe its a picture of your wedding day, your grandmother, an elder or your mom. Sit with this image, clear your mind and remember that time, that day and everything going on in your life when it was taken….this is magic of photography, this is the potential of each image. None of us can ever go back to the time when the photo was taken, but from time-to-time the photo can remind us of the importance of our stories, our moments. Everyone deserves photography, so we don’t forget a moment….

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