Colorado Wedding Photography of Kristin and Drew

Colorado Wedding Photography of Kristin and Drew – Silverthorne, CO – January 2014

I created some great Colorado wedding photography of Kristin and Drew in Silverthorne, CO. Kristin and Drew were married in early 2014 at the Silverthorne Pavilion.  The venue was personalized with bikes and beer–the two things that Kristin and Drew love the most. Renegade Brewing was even on hand!

Colorado in January, especially at 8,000 feet, can be cold, and it was COLD on this day! The wedding party, family and the amazing couple braved the weather for family photos and some really great couples photos. At the end of the night, Kristin and Drew joined Amber and I on the bridge close the venue for some night photography. You can see their breath in the air! The don’t seem to mind the cold though!

Congrats to Kristin and Drew!